it’s not unusual_Ed Bogus :-)

It’s not unusual_No es raro (By Ed Bogus)

Listen to this song and try not to dance, if possible.  :-)  Escucha esta canción e intenta no bailar, si es posible


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4 responses to “it’s not unusual_Ed Bogus :-)

  1. Jasan

    Hola teacher,
    omg its tooooo nice i really like it and thx for writing meaning again thank u soooooooooooooo much . And happy teacher`s day teacher . :) I will learn these words and i will leave my msg in ur voicemail . And i will try to improve my spanish more and more . :)

  2. scratchblog

    Thanks dear Jasan :)

  3. Keith Wilson

    Beautiful voice! Great to listen to!

    Muchísimo gracias!

  4. scratchblog

    Muchas gracias Keith. Efectivamente, Ed Bogus has a beautiful voice!!

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