Love letters in the sand_Dizzy :)

Love letters in the sand _ Cartas de amor en la arena, by Dizzy (Pat Boone lyrics)

Listen to the song and read the lyrics in both languages, Spanish and English. Learn new vocabulary with the quizzes online.

Love letters in the sand

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2 comments on “Love letters in the sand_Dizzy :)

  1. Jasan says:

    Really Nice dear I like it so much , oh hehe i like everyyyyyyyyyyyyything u save hehe
    I will sure going to practice it in ur channel teacher . soon i dont know when but soon hehe then correct me :)
    And and and and nice lyrics hehe really nice :)
    take care byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. scratchblog says:

    Thanks Jasan. That’s a good idea. But you can not only try to say the words in Spanish but sing the song in English while reading the lyrics along with the sound!! Try it. it’s fun and useful :-)

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